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Fear Blogging

Much like the first video I ever posted “Arguing with myself” I have no clue what I am doing and the fear instantly began to set in.  I didn’t want to create and post my first video and this blog is no different.  So, I made a decision that I had to write a blog for one reason only, I simply didn’t want to.  This is the short and effective process that I used to get over it.  Keep in mind It’s not about the technology, the process nor the content.  It’s all about the ability to walk through the fear of what other people will think.  So, I decided to define what the fear is and why it has such an effect (affect?) on me.

First, my brain starts scrambling all of the anxiety driven questions around in my head.  “Where do I start?  What am I going to say ? What if they don’t like it and make fun of me?”.  I start to think that I may lose followers, get clowned or completely waste my time.   Also, will they notice that I’m not the best writer and I don’t know if I’m suppose to use the word effect or affect should it ever come up? Things like that.

Next, I have to define what fear means to me so I can process my feelings and get to the damn blogging.  Fear means that we are afraid that we are going to lose something we have or not get something we want.

Losing Something I have

I was afraid that I would lose followers, lose my time, lose the money I spent on this site or lose the respect of other prolific writers once they realize I can barely put two sentences together.  (In October when I release my book I will have written more books than I’ve read).  I remember sitting on the couch a few years ago not looking for a job because I didn’t have very much gas or gas money.  “I might need that gas and they’re not going to hire me anyway!”   I was afraid of losing the gas in my tank or having to use what little money I had to get more gas in case something important came up.  You know, like a job interview.  Delusional!

Not getting something I want

I was afraid that I would not be good at this.  I want to be good at my job, good at running my social media platform and good at putting out content that people might actually enjoy.  I want to be good at blogging ! .   So, the fear settles in and tells me that blogging is a waste of time because I can jeopardize everything I’ve built.  Fear tells me that I won’t get any readers, that I won’t get any better, won’t inspire a single person and all of this will be a colossal waste of time, money and energy.

Finally, the answer is action!  After inventorying all of this fear and realizing that the solution is the same as the day I filmed my first video, I did what any self respecting entrepreneur would do.  I googled it !  After watching a four minute video entitled “How to write a blog post” well, here we are !  Hope you enjoyed it.


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